General Questions

Our supervisor trains our staff in a comprehensive way. The staffs are made so expert that they can perform any complex work with great accuracy.

We are aware of that. Safety of children is the first priority to us. We are also careful about the safety of your pet.

We Ménage Total are always careful about safety policy. As a result, we use eco-friendly and green products for the safety of our environment. The products are safe for your property as well.

All of our cleaning professionals are bonded and insured. All the staffs have a liability insurance coverage of $ 5M.

Obviously not. We are well arranged and we have all sorts of equipment. We will provide all the instruments.

As usual. All the products we use are approved by the respective authority.

In this matter, you can rely on us. As we are willing to build up a good impression on our customers’ mind so, you can trust us.

You can inform us about your requirement. We will provide you the proper solution and extra care if needed?

Yes. We provide service as the demand of our customer.

You can receive the best cleaning services but at a considerably lower price.

Your pets are safe and you can be tension free. Just include the information about your pets to your work order.

Obviously. We always use eco-friendly products. Our used products are safe for the environment.

Yes. The whole work is monitored by our team to ensure the best cleaning.

You should contact us and we will provide you additional service and extra workers if needed.